What Is A Bird Dog? and more Jargon

Real Estate Bird Dog

What is A Bird Dog for Real Estate? Find out in this video.

When you first start flipping properties, you’ll start to hear alot of real estate jargon (the language peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group,) and you maybe even ask yourself: What is a bird dog anyway?

You don’t want to sound stupid, so you just don’t ask.  Well, this article will make it easy for you to understand what one is, and how you can best utilize their skills to increase revenue in your real estate wholesaling business.

Terms like “FIZZBO” and “REO” and “Bird Dog”. What do all of these weird terms mean, anyway. There’s alot to learn, and you can start right here with this video, as I explain what a “bird dog” is. You can also find out how to keep your deal glued together like Krazy Glue when you pre-screen your buyers using this one simple (and highly effective) technique.

Your Crew Can Focus on Vacant Houses

Bird dogs are great for helping you generate motivated seller leads. They are usually people who do alot of driving during the day. Think of mail carriers, Uber drivers and pizza delivery guys. Talk to these peole about the opportunity of making extra money. You can have one bird dog, or you can build an army of 100 bird dogs. It’s totally up to you. However you decide to utilize bird dogs, create a system that everyone can follow.

When you’re talking to any potential bird dogs about finding leads, start with vacant houses. These are the best prospects for bird dogs to work on. They’re easy to identify (especially for mail carriers). They’re easy to photograph and easy to hunt down. They’re also one of the best sources for the biggest pots of gold!

You should require some basic information from your bird dogs when they come across a lead. A property address just isn’t enough. They need to have more stake in the game than just jotting down an address. That’s way to easy and you could waste alot of time working stale leads like that. Make sure that you set specific criteria for what you want your bird dogs to be on the lookout for. Give them some extra desk work, and research the property before turning it in. They need to also be vested in this lead with their time and effort.

The leads that are generated from your crew can go directly into your seller lead funnel.

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