4 Sure Fire Ways to Spot a True Cash Buyer

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There’s alot of Buyer Look-Alikes out there these days.  If you’re new to the wholesaling business, then these artificial buyers could potentially trick you into locking up your deal without ever having the intent of closing. Or even worse, they could WASTE YOUR TIME!!  ERGHHHH that makes me so mad. [...]

How Much Earnest Money is Required? | Answer: None

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In the state of Florida, and I'm pretty sure that in MOST states across the U.S., there's no Earnest Money required to make a real estate contract legal or enforceable. As a real estate licensee, we're required to attend a pre-licensing training class, which is 45 hours long.  We're issues [...]

Do Your Due Diligence People

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We have a little more knowledge about the real estate closing process than the average seller. If you don't communicate and explain to them how it's all gonna go down, you may find yourself with a little challenge at closing (sellers don't like surprises). NEVER ASSUME that the seller agrees [...]

Be Strong When You’re Weak (Negotiating)

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It's really easy to get over zealous when you're negotiating with a seller, thinking that you might be locking down your next deal.  Don't let this happen to you!  It's very important to stay calm, and be STRONG, even when you're weak. Listen to this important message from [...]

We’re All In BIGGGG Trouble

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Some things stop me dead in my tracks.  Not many, but some.  THIS is definitely one of those times and I had to stop what I was doing and immediately write this entry to share with all of you. I'm trippin'. I get alot of questions sent to me through [...]

Stop Looking for Investor Friendly Title Companies

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Stop looking for the perfect combination of team players, investor friendly title companies and all of the other things that new investors try to round up before they ever dive into the business. None of those people matter until you've got a deal with a seller! I hope you're not [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Sellers Their Asking Price

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They say that sticks and stone may break your bones but words will never hurt you. They are WRONG this time!! There's something very powerful about a seller telling you what they're asking price is on a house.  It becomes embedded in your mind like a little evil monster, and [...]

This Could Land You In Court – or WORSE!

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Dear Newbies, Real Estate Law is a serious matter.  You could be making one very big mistake by advertising other people's houses without a signed contract (which gives you beneficial interest in the property).  This act would be practicing real estate without a license. Please watch this video and make [...]

Don’t Be Like This Guy

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I seriously can't believe that someone would go through all the trouble of putting together a marketing campaign, pre-screening sellers, getting a house under contract, and then GIVE UP because they couldn't sell it! OMG. Winners Never Quit - ONLY WEINERS DO (So Don't be a Weiner)

Flipping REO’s – The Truth of the Matter

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Flipping REO's is definitely a business model that many investors practice. Just not me. In today's market ( I hate that phrase, BTW) there is a flood of REO's. I'm sure you're wondering if you can flip the houses that are REO (Real Estate Owned by Banks) a.k.a. "wholesale" these [...]

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