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7 MOBSTERS REVEAL: The One Thing That Will Change Your Real Estate Business Forever

Doing the same thing over and over will always produce the same results (and cause insanity). So if you’re looking to take your real estate investing business to the next level, you’ll need to start thinking about making a change.


There’s always a pivotal moment in someone’s business that makes the difference to them. It’s the one thing that makes the biggest and most impact in their success. That one thing isn’t the same for everyone, because we all have different goals and objectives.


Just last week, I posted a question in the Mobsters Lounge (our Secret Facebook Group for Members Only), The question was: : “What is ONE THING that you’ve done that has changed your real estate business for the better?”. I was happy to learn just how experienced and knowledgable our members are, with all of these closed transactions. No wonder the Mobsters Lounge is an awesome place to network and get the help you need!


Anyway, some of the members chimed in with their advice on what the ONE THING was that changed their business. These are unedited answers, so use these words of wisdom that’s being shared and RUN WITH IT!


Here’s some of the responses:

Jason Dobbins

Member since 2015

700+ Closed transactions

The thing I have done that has effected my business in the best way and changed it is hiring an acquistions rep , and sales rep. My production went through the roof. Automation was just behind that.

Glenn Williams

Member since 2015

25+ closed transactions

One thing is that I’ve done that has changed my real estate business for the better. I changed my beliefs. I believed that I could have success and provide for my family by doing this business.


Wes Jordan

Member since 2016

250+ closed transactions

The one thing that has changed my business for the better is out sourcing my marketing. That way it gets done with out me. We set up the marketing plan for the month, then the plan is worked by other people. The leads are coming in like crazy! The marketing calendar from the Borgata training is like drinking from a fire hydrant!!


Rodrigo Afanador

Member since 2017

100+ closed transactions

ONE Change that improved my real estate business: Getting a coaching and putting myself in a position to “pay” for accountability. It was the hardest decision to make at the time because of the financial commitment.However once I committed and worked with a coach the next 6months I had incredible improvement and set it me on up on the track of success I am now.


Luke Petrozza

Member since 2016

130+ closed transactions

The best thing I’ve done in building my business is documenting all the shit I do when doing ANYTHING. If I know I’ll need to do it again I learn it, do it, record a video of it if on computer, or write up a quick Google doc explaining the process. This allows you to easily turn stuff over to acquisitions managers, VAs, etc when you’re ready


Adam and Shannon Niemiec

Member since 2015

65+ closed transactions

We’ve adopted the attitude of “fuck it, let’s do it”. We start immediately on something if we come up with an idea. Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen. We’ve made it through everything in our lives up to this point. We quit overthinking and just charge into things. We can figure it out along the way. It took a long time to realize that if we didn’t take immediate action, nothing would happen. Quit over analyzing shit and just go for it. It actually makes you feel more alive. Life is literally thrilling.


Brian Meidam

Member since 2013

500+ closed transactions

Focus on the IGAs – Income Generating Activities. As business owners, a lot of are like squirrels running around looking for nuts instead of focusing on the activities that affect the bottom line. We find ourselves wearing a lot of hats, and many of those hats don’t fit very well or really even matter. For example, quit stressing over minor tweaks to the language in your mailers – instead give it your best shot in a few minutes and MAIL THEM OUT! After all, the best marketing is the marketing that has been mailed out. We often focus on the little details that suck up our time, but don’t come close to affecting the bottom line of our business. Focus on the IGAs.


There you have it, words of wisdom from 7 successful real estate investors all over the country. These responses were sent to me privately, so that they didn’t know how the others were responding. It’s very interesting to see the similarities in their answers.


It’s always my advice to find someone that you can connect with in some way, and heed their advice. There’s alot of people out there giving tips and advice these days, that it can be overwhelming to say the least. Try not to let al of the noise become a distraction. Consider becoming a member of Property M.O.B., and network with like minded, intellectual individuals who are all working to acheive the same goal (SUCCESS).


Much luck to you, my friend!


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